Fruit and herbal syrups

Our beverage syrup concentrates are made in our production with herbal extracts without addition of artificial sweeteners, colouring agents or conservants. Just add 1 portion of our syrup to at least 5 of water (hot or cold) and the drink is ready. You can also add lemon juice or use it in your favorite drink, ice cream, yogurt et al.


Please, order our syrups via fax: +420 235301582, form below, e-shop or e-mail: Pick up upon agreement in Prague 6 (near the historic centre of Prague).

Organic and conventional syrups in 700 ml glass bottles currently manufactured and distributed by our company are as follows:

Mint syrup (ingredients: mint extract, raw cane sugar, lime concentrate, citric acid) 

Organic spruce needle syrup (ingredients: spruce needle extract*, cane sugar*, lemon concentrate*, citric acid; * from organic farming) 

Orange with sea buckthorn syrup (ingredients: orange concentrate, water, raw cane sugar, sea buckthorn juice, lemon concentrate, ascorbic acid)

Ginger syrup (ingredients: ginger extract (48,5%), sugar, lemon concentrate, citric acid) 

Elderflower syrup (ingredients: elderflower extract, sugar, lemon concentrate, citric acid)

Strawberry aronia syrup (ingredients: strawberry and aronia concentrates, sugar, lemon concentrate, citric acid) 

Cranberry syrup (ingredients: cranberry concentrates, sugar, lemon concentrate, citric acid) 

Linden syrup (ingredients: linden flower extract (45%), sugar, lemon concentrate, citric acid) 

Hibiscus with raspberry syrup (ingredients: hibiscus flower extract, sugar, water, raspberry extract, lemon concentrate) 

Blackthorn (sloe) syrup (ingredients: sloe extract, sugar, water, lemon concentrate, citric acid) 

EXTRATO Ginger (ingredients: ginger extracts (64%), raw cane sugar, lemon concentrate) 

Rooibos – red ice tea syrup (ingredients: rooibos extract (57%), raw cane sugar, lemon concentrate)

Birch leaves with sour cherry syrup (ingredients: birch leaves extract (43%) and sour cherry concentrate (28%), sugar, water) 

Elderflower syrup (ingredients: elderflower syrup (sugar, water, elderflowers, citric acid), aroma; stronger with added aroma, 1:8 recommended dilution)

Furthermore we offer manufacturing other syrups and extracts also according to customer’s recipe and under their brand.

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